Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan Released

On March 3, 2019, the Government of Canada released the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP), hoping it will represent a milestone in the history of Canadian mining.

Among other things, the CMMP features the following strategic directions:

Economic Development and Competitiveness

The CMMP notes the recent decline in Canada’s share of worldwide mining exploration budgets and gives a broad direction to individual jurisdictions across the country to adjust their tax and other policies and adopt or revise regulations to create an investment environment that is more competitive and easier to navigate. The CMMP also stresses the importance of free, publicly available geological, geophysical, geochemical, and other data and maps.

Advancing the Participation of Indigenous Peoples

The CMMP calls for increased participation of Indigenous peoples in mining ventures. The CMMP specifically suggests that reducing barriers to participation of indigenous women in mining projects can bring benefits for communities and help bridge the labour gap for skilled workers.

The Environment

The CMMP recognizes the significant amount of energy that is used by mining operations. The CMMP notes that Canadians expect that mining activities include measures to minimize environmental impacts.

Science, Technology and Innovation

The CMMP suggests ways in which the mining sector should consider a collaborative approach to research and development, not necessarily with business competitors, but rather with other business sectors.


The CMMP notes the importance of bolstering “mining literacy”, which involves teaching Canadians about how mining benefits individuals and communities.

Global Leadership

The CMMP recognizes that foreign investment in the industry is critical. The CMMP proposes a multi-pronged approach to winning additional foreign direct investment, including highlighting Canada's existing public geoscience, skilled workforce, and other advantages and creating a unified branding strategy for the mining industry in Canada.

The CMMP will be followed by a series of action plans designed to operationalize the CMMP. The first such plan will be cooperatively developed by governments across the country, and is expected to be released in 2020.

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